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Celebrity Sightings!

Check out who is eating our world-famous Rockin’ Roll bars!

Low Carb and Hi-Carb Diets the Same?

A new study reports that low carb and high carb diets work equally well for maintaining weightloss.  What the study does not address is body composition, which may be more […]

Labrada Nutrition Cookies and Cream Lean Body RTD is Here!

Guess what! Our new Cookies and Cream Lean Body RTD just came into our warehouse right here in Houston, Texas…and I wanted you to amongst the first to know about […]

Bodybuilding FAQ – Staying Lean vs. Gaining Tons of Weight to Gain Muscle

Question: Bodybuilding FAQ – Staying Lean vs. Gaining Tons of Weight to Gain Muscle I’ve been hearing about how some bodybuilders really bulk up in the off-season easting whatever they […]

The Dress of Christmas Yet To Come

The Thanksgiving holidays are fast approaching.  Before you know it, we’ll blink and Christmas will be over.  I want to share a special story with you that I revisit each […]


ABOUT PAUL BURKE’S NEO-DIETER’S HANDBOOK Paul Burke ‘s second book focuses on nutrition—three decades of research compiled for those who enjoy learning about health, exercise, weight training, fitness, and the […]

Get Right to the Core!

It’s the hot topic in fitness. Strengthen your core! But what does it really mean? What’s the real benefit? And why work on muscles you can’t see? Well, let’s get […]

Is Your Diet Causing Chronic Inflammation?

Many athletes and bodybuiders think that they “eat right”, consuming lots of protein and grains such as oatmeal and rice.  But did you know that these “healthy” foods can actually […]

What Is The Proper Nutrition For Athletes?

As an athlete, you are always looking for ways to increase energy, strength and performance. Do you know that through the proper nutrition you can increase all of the above? […]

Congratulation Wesley Williamson, Winner of the Lean Body Challenge!

A big high five to Wesley Williamson, winner of our Lean Body Challenge!  Wesley will travel to Houston, Texas where he will train with me at our brand new Labrada […]

How Glycemic Load Can Help You Manage Your Diet

  My friend Dr. Gabe Mirkin recently wrote a very interesting piece on the importance of the Glycemic Load. My comments are in italics: When you eat a food, your […]