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Does Chewing Gum Kill Your Appetite—or Your Stomach?

A new study, sponsored by the Wrigley Chewing Gum company reports that chewing gum can help to reduce calorie intake and burn up energy. The study, done at the University […]

Bodyweight Exercises Do Bodybuilding Good!

Bodybuilding training is composed mostly of weight training exercises.  For the best results possible, your bodybuilding training should be composed of mostly free weight exercises that use dumbbells and barbells […]

Lactose intolerance lower than thought: study

So you think that you are lactose intolerant? People love the taste of milk products, but they can’t always digest them well. A new study shows that lactose intolerance across […]

Artificial Sweeteners: How Bad Are Saccharin, Aspartame?

There is a great article in TIME (please see below) on artificial sweeteners such as saccharin, aspartame, and sucralose.  With obesity as rampant as it is, there is no doubt […]

Protein Bars can Protect Students from Unnatural School Lunchtimes.

It’s hard enough being a kid. As if high school isn’t already a pressure cooker, with the need to excel academically and be accepted socially, students in overcrowded schools face […]

Which Key are you missing for Building Muscles?

You try to gain mass and build lean muscle. You train for few months – or even worse – for years without seeing any significant change in your physique. What […]

Is Metabolic Syndrome Causing You to Age Prematurely?

This is a great article from my friend Dr. Gabe Mirkin, on the role of metabolic syndrome in obesity and diabetes. Pay special attention to the high lit section below, […]