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Making Money From Your Passion In Bodybuilding

Some people do not believe that there is any money to be made in bodybuilding. However, I disagree.  I think that those of us who are extremely passionate about our bodybuilding lifestyle […]

A Walk Down Memory Lane – Lee Labrada’s Past Olympia Performances in YouTube

Hello Friends, I just want to let everyone know that you can check out my past Mr. Olympia performances by visiting the Labrada Nutrition YouTube Channel.

Food Journals – Part 2

Last time in “Food Journaling – Part 1”, we discussed the importance of balancing our nutritional checkbook.  And, left off with a challenge to write down everything you consumed to […]

Ask, Believe, Persist and Achieve

Guess what the biggest threat to your bodybuilding success is? I guarantee that nine out of ten of you will get the answer to this question wrong and that is […]

Do Fat Burners Really Work?

This is a good one –  I really need to share this story with you! It’s too good to keep to myself! A good buddy of mine has a nutrition […]

Superset Your Way To New Size and Muscle Mass

What is a Superset?  A superset is a combination of one exercise performed right after the other with no rest in between them. There are two ways to implement a […]

Food Journals – Part I

I had a friend who never balanced her checkbook. She never knew if there was enough money in the bank to cover her transactions. She panicked quite often, called her […]

Push vs Pull Exercises: What is the Difference?

This is something I cannot stress enough to bodybuilders who are serious about growing.  Many may not even know about push and pull exercises and why you should always perform […]

Lee Labrada on The Making of a Champion

Nothing brings the fitness community together like a bodybuilding competition. Besides providing an outlet for competition, bodybuilding contests serve an important social function. Because bodybuilding is an “individualist” sport, its […]

Hugo Rivera’s Latest 10 Sets of 10 Reps Arms Bodybuilding Routine

Lately, because I have been very short on time, due to work, business travel and some summer vacationing. I have learned to be unconventional and inventive with my bodybuilding workouts. […]

Teen Bodybuilding Supplement Secrets Revealed

Bodybuilding supplements are actually a subcomponent of the nutrition component on the formula described above. That is the reason you do not see them as part of the formula. However, […]

Fit by Numbers

The other day, I had a BBQ with a good friend. We started to talk about workouts and why he doesn’t get the results he should have, and that he […]