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Leg Blasting Shock Treatment Training Routine

Most of the time I go to the gym with a plan for what my bodybuilding training routine will be like and just follow through it.  However, there are times […]

Ten Bodybuilding Dieting Myths That Will Sabbotage Bodybuilding Results

In this article you will learn what the top 10 bodybuilding dieting myths are and how falling for one of these can sabbotage your dieting and training success.

Labrada Nutrition was Nominated for Multiple Special Awards by But We Need Your Help!

Dear Friend—I need a small favor from you… and I am willing to return the favor in kind.  You see, I received the very exciting news today that Labrada Nutrition […]

Avoid the “Danger Zone”

The popular 80’s movie, Top Gun featured a heart pumping song by Kenny Loggins: Danger Zone. “Ride into the Danger Zone;” and the image of 4 naval officers in a […]

Thirty Minute Bodybuilding Routines Can Get The Job Done! No Time to Workout? Think Again!

Is there really no time in the day to get your bodybuilding workouts in?  It seems that the biggest culpript today for not getting a bodybuilding workout in is lack […]

How To Take a Good “Before” Picture

Several years ago, my mother decided to sort all of her photographs and give them to her four children. She asked for my thoughts, suggestions and help. So, I purchased […]