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Ask Lee Bodybuilding Q & A

This week I decided to share with you some of the most frequently asked bodybuilding questions that I get through my Ask Lee e-mail on a weekly basis.  I hope that […]

7 Tips for Fitness Women

Would you like to be a fitness woman? Or are you a fitness woman but would like your program to be more effective?  Here are 7 great tips on how […]

Shock Your Arms Into Growth With These Arms Bodybuilding Training Routines!

Gain Up to an Inch In Your Arms for the Summer With These Bodybuilding Workouts for Arms Big arms and bodybuilding go hand in hand. How many of us just […]

Hurry, Lean Body Challenge Entry ends July 20th!

Do you want to look great, have more self confidence, and create an active, healthy lifestyle? Other Lean Body Challengers have done it… and so can you! Twelve weeks from […]

Hugo Rivera Shares Diet Tips To Get a Lean Body for Summer!

Summer is just around the corner. Along with it comes the time to get in your bathing suits and go to the beach. But, wait a minute! Do I hear […]