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Be Your Own #1 Supporter

Recently I spoke to a group of people who hope to have some sort of weight loss surgery within the next few months. The topic was “Support Needed For Success.” […]

Soda Consumption and Your Muscles: Can Sodas Cause Muscle Problems?

If you are a reader of my blog, you are probably interested in having a leaner, more muscular body.  That takes working out and eating right.  But be careful how […]

See the Winners of the 2009 Lean Body Challenge!

  My heartfelt congratulations go out to the winners of the 2009 Lean Body Challenge!  These are real people, with real stories of overcoming personal challenges and attaining personal goals […]

Satiating Hunger is the REAL “Fat Burner”

  In recent years, makers of “fat burners” have focused their formulas on increasing the metabolic rate with the goal of effecting greater fat loss. The results have been mixed […]

Proper Nutrition for Better Energy

How are your energy levels? If you are consistently feeling tired, or if you tend to get an energy rush after you eat followed by a debilitating crash, you need […]

Ten Bodybuilding Tips from Hugo Rivera for Bodybuilding Success

As I was thinking of the reasons why many bodybuilders fail to achieve results, I came up with ten bodybuilding tips that will definitely have a huge impact in helping […]

Hugo Rivera on How to Gain Weight for Football, Part 3

Part III: Miscellaneous Topics How Much Weight Can You Expect to Gain From This Program? While there are many variables that will make results vary between athletes, I can provide […]

Hugo Rivera on How to Gain Weight for Football, Part 2

Part II: Weight Gain Training There are many mass building training principles that someone who is looking to gain quality weight needs to follow in order to get results from […]

Hugo Rivera on How to Gain Weight for Football, Part 1

Gaining weight for football is something that a lot of teens who want to embark in this great sport require.  Due to the high metabolic rate of the typical teenage […]

The Importance of Vitamin D

There are many essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs to properly function and to keep your entire body healthy.  In this blog I am going to touch on […]

FDA Warns Consumers to Stop Using Hydroxycut Products

On May 1 the FDA issued a warning to consumers asking them to immediately stop using Hydroxycut products due to several reports of health issues (23 to be exact)  associated […]

Be Consistent

If you are aiming to improve your lifestyle through better fitness and weight management, the best way to achieve your goals is to build and good plan, and stick to […]

Today is the Day…

It was early Sunday morning when I blinked my eyes open and the first thought to enter my head was, “Today is the day.” I went through my morning routine […]

Hugo Rivera Talks About the Different Types of Muscle Soreness and How to Reduce Them

Soreness is a normal part of the recovery process that starts once you finish your bodybuilding workouts. There are several degrees of soreness that we need to be aware of:

Sandy Grant is Excited to Contribute to The Labrada Blog!

Hello Everyone!  My name is Sandy Grant, and I am VERY excited to be part of Lee Labrada’s Bodybuilding Nutrition Blog!  I’ve been a loyal consumer (& Fan!) of Labrada […]