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A Lifetime of Habits

*This article is written with the gastric bypass patient in mind.  After weight loss surgery, individuals receive new instructions or “rules” when it comes to eating patterns and nutrition. Each […]

Tylenol is a Bad Choice for Muscle Aches

This just in this morning… WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Over-the-counter pain relievers such as Tylenol and Advil will carry bolder warnings about the risk of liver damage or stomach bleeding, the […]

FTC Settles Xenadrine Weight Loss Case

27-Apr-2009 I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of false weight loss claims and the negative effect that they have on misinformed consumers. The damage  can be very personal […]

Eat Curry, Lose Fat?

A new study performed on mice shows that the Curcumin (found in the spice turmeric)  may cut body fat and weight gain. The study showed that curcumin, the natural pigment […]

Making Your Cardiovascular Exercise Fun and Effective

Cardiovascular (Aerobic) exercise is necessary for most of us in our quest to achieving the lean bodybuilding look that we are looking for. Few can achieve the lean appearance required […]

Sitting With Less Back and Wrist Pain: Computer Work-Station Positions

Over 90 % of all office workers use a personal computer.  In 1997 the work-related musculoskeletal disorders had reached 275,000 cases.  In 2009 that number is expected to reach over […]

The Power of Goal Setting

THE PERFORMANCE LAB: THE POWER OF SETTING GOALS by dan brown Goal setting is a very powerful tool that is often overlooked with regards to exercise & diet programs. Goal […]

Hugo Rivera’s Video on How to Get Abs

Hello everyone, I just want to point you out to a video I created on How to Get Abs.

New Lee Labrada Video on YouTube!

Check out my new video, entitled, “Lee Labrada, Then and Now” on YouTube by clicking here:

Don’t Forget your Neuromuscular System

What a great feeling it is to look good and have a great body! As a fitness expert, I see so many people working their muscular system. While it is great […]

Hugo Rivera’s Short Bodybuilding Workouts for Maximum Results

Did you know that you could get great results from short bodybuilding workouts that last as little as 25-30 minutes?  There is a huge misconception in bodybuilding, especially coming from […]