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Who Actually Likes Protein Drinks?!?

I meet people, both in person and online, who say that they do not like protein drinks. They invest quite a bit on a huge canister of protein powder only […]

You, Your Very Own Personal Fitness Trainer

One of the biggest problems that I see in the gym, besides most people just winging their workouts (hey, my next Blog post!), is people performing their exercises with terrible form. If you […]

Are Thyroid Hormones Stopping Your Weight Loss?

Here’s a great article from my friend, Dr. Gabe Mirkin, on why a lack of thyroid hormones can impede some people from losing weight. Over the years,  I’ve met certain […]

Build Your Chest in Record Time with these Chest Bodybuilding Workouts

Since I get so many questions asking for good bodybuilding chest workout routines, below are several chest workouts that can be performed depending on your level of bodybuilding experience. One […]

Labrada SuperCharge! Knocks Out the Competition!

I know that you can count on my SuperCharge! product to give you a great workout every time—but it’s nice to hear unsolicited feedback especially when a consumer takes it […]

The Shoulder Shocker!

This exercise was inspired by my good friend, former Navy SEAL, Lieutenant Stewart Smith. The shoulders can be a difficult muscle group to develop. Try this awesome & outrageously INTENSE exercise […]

Can You Read During Your Cardio?

As a personal trainer I’m in the gym almost every day. I see the same people trying to lose weight. They get on a cardio machine (a treadmill, bicycle, or […]

How Can I Quickly Build Muscle

Here’s a Great training tip that will absolutely help you build muscle faster! I call it the “Sense, Tense & Lift” protocol. Let’s first look at an example of the “Sense” […]

Lose Fat Faster!

When I was a young buck, my biggest concern was putting on tons of muscle. Of course I also wanted to have low body fat %, but I wanted muscle […]

How to get a six pack

Nowadays, you can’t pick up a men’s magazine without a picture of a chiseled male on the front cover sporting an impressive six pack.  This is often followed up by […]

Train This, Not That

This article is a dedication to someone who I truly respect. His name is David Zinczenko, and he is the editor-in-chief of Men’s Health magazine and the author of numerous […]

Labrada Nutrition Wins Industry Best Business Practices Award

I am proud to announce that Labrada Nutrition has won yet another award.  What makes this one special is that it is for “Best Overall Business Practices“— which in essence […]

My Journey So Far

I was thinking the other day about how I would describe the journey of a weight loss surgery patient. It’s much like a video clip that has been fast forwarded […]

Keep it Going!!!

 How do you feel right now? You are almost halfway through your Challenge. By now you should find you’ve added some good habits to your diet and your workout program. […]