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More than 1/3 down!

For those of you competing in this Lean Body Challenge, congrats because you are more than 1/3 of the way complete! Some of you will have already started to see […]

The “Easy” Way Out?

It always amazes &┬ástill surprises me at how many of my clients, as well as people at my gym, are always looking for an “Easy” way out with regards to […]

Weight Lifter – Weight Loss Surgery Patient – Wait A Minute?!

Weight lifter. Those two words invoke an image in my mind of Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwartzenneger with rippling muscles, the perfect physique, and the ultimate picture of health & […]

An Important Message on the Peanut Recall…

I’ve been receiving calls from friends and loyal customers concerning the expanded recall of peanuts which is now going on nationwide. This week, we received notice from the FDA that […]

How to Stay Focused During the Lean Body Challenge?

You are now in the second week of your challenge. You may have lost some weight, you may not. What is really important here is to stay motivated and focused […]