• Sweet & Tangy Blueberry Lemonade Protein Blondies
    Perfectly soft and scrumptious blueberry blondies topped with a sweet and tangy lemon icing. And they're only 144 calories per serving! The deep blue/purple color of the blondie is from the real blueberries that are blended in the batter. No artificial coloring over here!
  • Tasty Gluten-Free Apple Pie Protein Truffles
    These quick, easy, and delicious truffles are the perfect, gluten-free treat! They are absolutely packed with loads of apple pie flavor. Enjoy them right out of the fridge. Or you can even freeze them for up to 2 months for later enjoyment.
  • Tempting Carrot Cake Protein Whoopie Pies
    Do you want a cookie? Pie? Cake? The Whoopie Pie is like having all three in one tempting treat! These cream-filled carrot cake protein whoopie pies were my very first attempt at making whoopie pies. I am very pleased with the results. You will be too!
  • Toasted Coconut Protein Oatmeal Cookies
    Oatmeal cookies have never been my favorite kind of cookie. But I really, REALLY liked these little ones. I'll give you a secret, too - toasted coconut is exponentially better than un-toasted coconut. Toasting it creates a deep, caramel-like flavor — Delish!
  • Vanilla Cake Batter Protein Confetti Cookies
    These fun Vanilla Cake Batter Protein Confetti Cookies are packed with whey protein! The sprinkles are optional, but and add them, and have a part on your taste buds! These cookies only have 1g of sugar, but they're so delicious, you'd never know it.
  • Warm & Yummy Apple Pie Protein Muffins
    Feshly-baked apple pie! The cinnamon scent, the sumptuous flavor, the belly-warming warmth... But apple pie isn't quite a grab n' go snack. Not to mention how much sugar is in each slice. Luckily, I've made a recipe where you can have your pie — and eat it to!
  • Warm Honey Cinnamon Protein Oat Bread
    Imagine a perfectly moist slice of homemade banana bread. Ok, that sounds pretty delicious, right?! I wanted to put a warm twist on traditional banana bread while adding a good dose of protein. This honey cinnamon oat bread turned out ideal.
  • Raspberry Sorbet Protein Cups
    This gluten-free recipe takes only 5 minutes to make using only 5 ingredients – a perfectly easy to make, sweet treat to enjoy if you need extra help cooling off in the warm weather.
  • Blueberry Banana Bread Protein Bites
    Satisfy your sweet cravings and enjoy these grain-free, paleo-friendly bites that have an extra bit of protein and deliciousness thanks to the added vanilla whey protein powder.
  • Blueberry Cashew Breakfast Bars
    Soft, fluffy, crunchy, and moist, these breakfast bars will kick off your day with a healthy dose of protein, carbs, and fat without any added sugar.