• Your Guide toFood Prepping Like a Pro
    Food prepping is one of the most useful ways to stay on track with clean eating. It makes life a whole lot easier during the week when there are loads of laundry to wash, kids to feed, and work to be done. It just makes my life so much easier! Try it!
    There is nothing more aggravating than when you work your tail off in the gym and seemingly can’t build any muscle.
  • Have You Ever Heard Of "The Health Halo Effect?"
    Many are trying to change their eating habits by making healthier choices. Enter the “Heath Halo Effect”: an advertising strategy in which a company will say on the front of a package the supposed health benefits in order to entice the health-conscious to buy it.
  • Here are 10 Quick Tips to Create a Healthier You
    When it comes to balanced nutrition for woman we must give our bodies what we need! Treat your body with respect, and give it plenty of rest, proper nutrition, and last but not least, be consistent! Here are some important tips you should know!
  • Conquering Your Weekly Meal Prep Like A Champ
    I used to think bulk food prep was a task I could never take on. It sounded too complex. Honestly, it sounded like it took too much time. I work, write, study, I’m a wife, a mother… and you wanted me to fit in cooking when?
  • 15 Ways to Get More Protein Into Your Diet
    Protein is an essential component of a balanced diet. Consuming an adequate amount of protein will lead to faster recovery, more energy, and better overall performance. Lean meats are the most popular source of protein. Are there alternatives?
  • Top 5 Summertime Nutrition Tips For You
    How do we navigate these last few months of summer without causing too much damage to our waistlines? Here are 5 tips you can use to help keep your eating in check so you don’t spend the entire fall and winter months reversing too much summer food fun.
  • The Importance of Eating a Good Breakfast
    There is no meal more talked about than breakfast. So, what is all the fuss about? Why is it a big deal? What makes it the “most important meal of the day”? Breakfast is a big deal – so let’s start with why so many people miss this crucial first meal in the first place.
  • 10 Things To Know BeforeYour First Fitness Competition
    After seeing your fitness icons enough times in major magazines, fitness catalogs, and several forms of social media, it may inspire you to take your fitness to another level. After thinking it through, you decide to compete at your very first competition.
  • Are You Making These7 Diet-Killing Mistakes
    You’ve been working hard – hitting the gym and cutting out all those high sugar and high fat foods you used to enjoy. At first, you saw decent progress. But now, it may seem like things have slowed to a crawl. How come your body has stopped responding?
  • INFLAMMATION: Causes, Prevention, & Remedies
    70% of all deaths in America are related to chronic diseases. And most of these diseases could be eradicated by reducing the chronic inflammation that is the root of many of them. Yet, many people are unaware of what inflammation is and how it impacts our health.
  • 5 Ways To Eat Clean When You Dine Out
    For the health-conscious traveler, not every city in America is lucky enough to be filled with healthy restaurantts. Instead, their choices are limited to the numerous fast-food and sit-down chains that are in their area. So, how do you eat as healthy as possible when I’m traveling?