• Do You Need Cardiofor Fat Loss?
    This question may be as old as the barbell or treadmill, themselves. The debate has gone on for years, bringing more division than the American political system. It’s time we found an answer.
  • Hunter Labrada'sTime-Under-Tension Training
    Ready to maximize your muscle growth? Increase your time-under-tension and reap the muscle-building rewards! Here's how to do it.
  • 6 Fitness NewbieMistakes to Avoid
    So, you’re a fresh-faced fitness newbie… Nothing wrong with that! Pat yourself on the back for committing to a healthier lifestyle. To get you started right let's look at these common newbie mistakes.
  • Superior Shredding Part 1:Build Muscle, Burn Fat
    Achieving your best possible shape need not be a complicated business. In fact, by consistently following a few important rules, there is nothing to stop you from reducing body fat while keeping muscle gains.
  • 5 Bodyweight Circuits to Build Muscles
    Whether you’re in a hotel room, your living room, or in your backyard, you can still get in a quality muscle building workout. Try one of these 5 circuits to feel the pump without needing weights to assist you.
  • TUT 101: Time Under TensionTips to Build Muscle
    What is TUT? How will it help you build bigger, stronger muscles in the gym? Is it even worth your time? You better believe it!
  • The Hidden Dangers ofExtreme Exercise
    Your muscles are throbbing and you feel completely and utterly exhausted. The worst part? You’re only halfway into the workout. It isn’t until later when the excruciating pain persists. A visit to your doctor confirms it: you’ve got Rhabdomyolysis…
  • The Best Exercises forBuilding 3D Delts
    You’ve gotta love the "glamour muscles." Your chest, biceps, and triceps may get a lot of love in the gym, but don’t be fooled; your shoulders deserve some attention, too. In this article, you’ll find out which exercises will build your shoulders to maximum capacity.
  • Genetic Potential: How Much Muscle Can You Build Naturally?
    Have you been putting time in at the gym and can’t get any bigger? Your genetic makeup may have more to do with your potential for growth than you think. How much of your muscle growth and it’s potential depends on your parents and your genes?
  • Hacks to Maximize Your Deadlift Techniques
    You VS. Gravity: You grab the bar, and if you can lift it — you win. Use these hacks to maximize your deadlift faster than ever before. The deadlift is the exercise that readily translates to everyday life; everyone has bent over and picked something up before.
  • When Is The Best Time To Workout?
    Are you a night owl or an early bird? Whichever feathered friend you identify with probably has a lot to do with when you workout. Each camp has it’s pros, cons, and a plethora of haters. There are potential benefits to both sides of the coin.
  • Lee Labrada's 3-Minute Biceps Workout
    Arms are not that difficult to build, yet many can’t seem to get it right. It seems that no matter what they try, they can’t get those arms to grow. But don’t fret. With these concepts, it’s only a matter of time before wearing a tight shirt puts a smile on your face.
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