• Easy-Bake MapleBacon Grits
    Ready to take your grits game up a notch? Today we throw them in the oven with this super easy and delicious Baked Maple Bacon Grits recipe!
  • Simple FluffyProtein Pancakes
    These pancakes are not only easy to make, but are fluffy, tons of flavor, packed with over 50 g of protein, and only 5 ingredients that you probably already have on hand!
  • Easy Cheesy Tuna Omelette
    Packed with over 80 protein, we’re taking cheap sources of protein to the next level by combining eggs AND tuna! Plus, it's super easy to make!
  • Frozen Greek Yogurt Protein Treats
    Now that the warmer weather is here it’s time to get creative with some cold protein desserts! Try this Frozen Greek Yogurt Protein Treats with the help of our Lean Body pow
  • Slow Cooker ProteinCinnamon Buns
    Today your slow cooker meets cinnamon buns with this super easy (takes less than 5 min) and protein-packed, delicious Slow Cooker Steel-Cut Cinnamon Buns recipe.
  • Slow CookerSloppy Joes
    We've all heard the Adam Sandler song about them AND now there’s a super easy meal prep recipe for them! Sloppy Joes in a slow-cooker – 200g Protein (whole recipe) and del
  • Slow Cooker ChickenCordon Bleu
    With 50 grams of protein per serving this Slow Cooker Chicken Cordon Bleu recipe is next level! Packed with flavor, easy to make, and GREAT for meal prep!
  • Lean Body RTD Protein Strawberry Margaritas
    Cinco De Mayo is here and this year we’re gonna do it with the tequila on the side! These Lean Body RTD Protein Strawberry Margaritas are easy to make and without a hangover
  • Bodybuilding SouthwesternQuinoa Casserole
    Let's take a trip down QUINOA LANE with this Bodybuilding Southwestern Quinoa Casserole! It's a perfect macro-friendly meal prep.
  • Easy Slow-Cooker Protein Pizza
    Today we take pizza to a macro-friendly meal-prep level that everyone can enjoy with this Easy Slow Cooker Pizza recipe! Don’t fight your pizza cravings any longer!
  • Low-Carb Cold-BrewProtein Mug Cake
    Add this to your morning routine! It's super easy to make, packed with your favorite protein powder, low carb, AND you only need a couple minutes to prep it!
  • Slow Cooker Banana Bread Protein Oatmeal
    Ready to restart your morning routine slow cooker style? This Slow Cooker Banana Bread Protein Oatmeal recipe is a sure way to hit your macros, get some great morning energy!