• Low-Carb CauliflowerProtein Pancakes
    Who knew pancakes could be low carb AND delicious? These Cauliflower Protein Pancakes are packed with flavor, filling, fluffy, and take less than 10 minutes to make!
  • Mini Sweet Potato Quiche
    Looking for a quick meal prep recipe you’re whole family will love?  Look no further! Travel friendly, quick, delicious, and packed with over 36 grams of protein in each serving!  These Mini Sweet Potato Quiches will do the trick.
  • Power Latte Protein Pancakes
    Kickstart your morning with pancakes these pancakes using our NEW Lean Body Power Latte are delicious and packed with 40g of protein and caffeine equal to a cup of coffee!
  • Lean Body ProteinTrail Mix
    What if I told you that trail mix could taste even BETTER? Well now it can with a Lean Body Protein Bar! That’s right! Protein Bar Trail Mix is here and you WON’T regret making it!
  • Lean Body S'mores Protein Bar Bowl
    Gather around the campfire and get ready for some old fashion S'mores goodness.  Each bowl is low calorie at only 85 and low in sugar... you can't beat it!
  • Quick Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Protein Bars
    Baked PROTEIN BARS that take 6 ingredients or less to make and 5 minutes to prep are here! Pick your flavor, choose your toppings, and enjoy these delicious homemade bars!
  • 1 Minute Mason Jar Veggie Omelette
    Wake up late? Today we’ve got you covered with this QUICK, delicious, and low-carb healthy Mason Jar Omelette recipe that only takes around a minute to make.
  • Chocolate & Vanilla Protein Ice Cream
    It’s time for some delicious creamy protein ice cream! Not only is this recipe quick, all you need is 4 ingredients, a blender, and a spoon! Here's the recipes for both Chocolate and Vanilla. I’d tell you all about how good it is but… I have some ice cream to finish!
  • Easy-Bake Lean Body Bar Kiss Protein Cookies
    How do you make the already delicious Lean Body Protein Bar even more delicious? Turn it into freshly baked cookies in less than 10 minutes! Super easy to make and absolutely jam-packed with 7 grams of hi-quality protein in each cookie!
  • The Best Low-Carb Breakfast Wrap Ever
    Seriously - this will be the best low-carb breakfast wrap you’ll ever make! With only 2 grams of net carbs per wrap, this recipe will keep your taste buds and your diet happy at the same time. Plus the 28g of protein will not only help keep you feeling fuller longer!
  • Low-Carb Keto-Friendly Cheesy Taco Pizza
    Are you on a low-carb or keto diet and crave pizza, or tacos? Eliminate those cravings with this super easy Low-Carb Keto-Friendly Cheesy Taco Pizza recipe! With only 4.5g of net carbs and 35g of protein in each serving, you’ll have room to go back for more!
  • The Tremendous Transformation of Trei
    Trei began to reassess his lifestyle, thinking of his son’s need for a good example in his father. His journey began with a challenge at work, which won with a weight loss of 43 pounds. He continued with the incorporation Labrada Nutrition’s products.
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