• 6 Fitness NewbieMistakes to Avoid
    So, you’re a fresh-faced fitness newbie… Nothing wrong with that! Pat yourself on the back for committing to a healthier lifestyle. To get you started right let's look at these common newbie mistakes.
  • The Weekend Warrior Syndrome:Avoid Losing Your Progress
    You’ve done your meal prep and you’ve hit the gym Monday through Friday. Then Saturday you have a BBQ with your boys and Sunday brings football, beers and more. Wondering why you aren’t losing that weight or gaining that muscle?
  • 14 Ways to Get Back in the Fitness Groove
    Has it been weeks, months, or even years since you last worked out? The last time you decided to shape up, you were probably on a good roll. And then it happened… something made you lose focus. We’ve got 14 easy tips to help you get back on the fitness saddle!
  • The Tremendous Transformation of Trei
    Trei began to reassess his lifestyle, thinking of his son’s need for a good example in his father. His journey began with a challenge at work, which won with a weight loss of 43 pounds. He continued with the incorporation Labrada Nutrition’s products.
  • 5 Mindset Hacks for Better Results in the Gym
    The mind is a powerful tool that is underutilized in most fitness regimens. We all have this habit of picking weights up and putting them back down without letting our mind bring more purpose to each rep. These mindset hacks will smash your plateaus!
  • 5 Critical Tips To Achieve A LEAN BODY
    If you’re training and diet have taken your physique into a plateau, you may be committing one or more of these fatal flaws. Welcome to the era of “almost” – a frustrating period in every lifter’s life when your best-ever physique remains just out of reach.
  • Lee Labrada's Secrets for Creating a New You
    Let's face it: there's never been a more perfect time in our lifetime to take action and get into amazing shape. With all of the information that we have on how to get in shape there is no excuse for not doing so. Throw your "excuses" out the window.
  • 4 Powerful Secrets for Creating Better Overall Health
    Are you as happy and healthy as you could be or want to be? Or are you guilty of slowly killing yourself off? Most people answer “no” to the first question, and if they’re honest, would have to say “yes” to the second question.
  • 7 Things you Can Do to Stick to Your Fitness Goals
    If you’ve been hitting the gym strong at the beginning of the year, and refuse to be another mid-March dropout, here are some tips to stick to your fitness goals. One way to deter yourself from your goals before starting is by setting goals for yourself.