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  • The Fit Guy's Guideto Eating Carbs
    Are carbs good or bad for you if you’re trying to pack on muscle and carve an enviable six-pack? Truth be told, the answer lies in what type of carbs you’re consuming and when you’re consuming them.
  • 6 Foods That Naturally Boost Your Testosterone
    If you’re feeling lethargic in the gym, bored in the bedroom, and minuscule when you look in the mirror, you may have low levels of testosterone in your body. Let’s talk about what foods you should start eating to increase your T levels naturally.
  • Benefits of Adding Protein to Your Diet
    There are many benefits of adding protein to your diet and it’s important that you understand how to utilize protein to help you achieve your health and fitness goals!


  • How to Create a Training Program that Works
    Muscle building is often seen as a very confusing process. There are so many workouts and routines out there that many lifters fail to see the bigger picture.
  • How to Get Those6-Pack Abs by Lee Labrada
    Developing hard, defined abdominals is a function of both exercise and diet. You must build the abdominal muscles first with resistance exercise and then strip off the fat layer hiding them with a nutrient-dense, calorie-sparse diet. Let's get started!
  • Genetic Potential: How Much Muscle Can You Build Naturally?
    Have you been putting time in at the gym and can’t get any bigger? Your genetic makeup may have more to do with your potential for growth than you think. How much of your muscle growth and it’s potential depends on your parents and your genes?


  • Herb and Citrus Zucchini Boats
    Vegetables pack a powerful nutritional punch, but they can also pack a ton of flavor! These boats have tons of protein, and will leave you feeling full and satisfied.
  • Slow Cooker ChickenCordon Bleu
    With 50 grams of protein per serving this Slow Cooker Chicken Cordon Bleu recipe is next level! Packed with flavor, easy to make, and GREAT for meal prep!
  • Sweet & Easy Banana Bread Protein Mug Cake
    If you like banana bread and you're strapped for time then you're going to love this 2 minute Sweet & Easy Banana Bread Mug Cake recipe made using our Lean Pro8! But wait, that’s not all! For even more flavor, use on of our banana flavored Ready-To-Drink Shakes!



  • 5 Minute Rule: Improve Your Cadenceand Productivity
    Training in my home gym allows me to get into my own headspace, without distractions. That is of course unless I create the distractions!
  • 5 Quick Tipsto Kickstart the New Year
    At Christmas, it is hard to spend time around dinners parties with co-workers, friends, and family, without indulging in sweets and fattening foods. This often results in weight gain. Here are some quick tips to kickstart your "get back in shape" program right after Christmas.
  • Think Smallfor Big Success
    I have found that one of the best ways to break the vicious cycle of not achieving is to make a small commitment and to follow it with a small step.