BodyBuilding & Fitness


  • Birth Place: El Salvador
  • Birth Date: September 12, 1980
  • Height: 5’2”
  • Contest Weight: 114
  • Current Residence: Houston, Tx
  • Occupation: Territory Manager for New Life Brace and Limb

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Soleivi’s Bio

  • Favorite Body part(s) to train: Legs and Shoulders
  • Favorite Exercise(s): Squats/Lunges for legs and Shoulder Press/Flys for Shoulders
  • Favorite Cheat food(s): Sushi, Comfort Foods (soul food), and most definitely my MOM’s salvadorean cooking
  • Favorite TV show(s): Suits and Law and Order
  • Favorite Movies: Too many to name, but I'm a sucker for romantic comedies like Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing and Maid in Manhattan
  • Favorite Actor(s) or Actress(s): Kate Beckinsale, Julia Roberts, Hugh Jackman
  • Favorite Musician(s): Don’t really have a fav artist but enjoy hip hop, R&B, country music, salsa, merengue. When it comes to music, I’m very eclectic. Anything that makes me what to dance!
  • Favorite Sport(s)- Excluding Bodybuilding: Basketball, Football, Baseball
  • Favorite Sports Team: Rockets (have to be a fan of my own H-town team!)
  • Favorite Music to train to: Hip Hop, R&B, Techno!
  • Hobbies: Working out, Cooking, Traveling and Family time
  • Pets: No pets
  • When did you start training?: At the age of 22
  • What is your Motivation to compete, stay in shape?:It still amazing to me to see what an individual can do to their body as they prepare for a show. Takes time, discipline and self control. Love it! Very challenging and I’m a sucker for challenges. They keep me going and makes life exciting!
  • What goals do you have in bodybuilding?: To keep fitness a top priority on my list and hopefully get a supplement contract to continue to motivate myself to thrive for more fitness success and knowledge. I'd like to target and educate as many Hispanics in our community to learn and be conscious about better and healthier foods to avoid/reduce being the 2nd highest population in the US with diabetes. And to definitely continue to motivate and educate other people who are eager to stay healthy and fit by telling them about personal fitness experience and habits.
  • What goals do you have outside of bodybuilding?: My career and family are the next two important things in my life along with my religious beliefs of Catholism. Currently, I am in territory sales manager for an orthotic and prosthetic company, New Life Brace and Limb. I work with diabetic and trauma patients whom have lost limbs. My job is very rewarding. To be able to give patients a new limb and get them to walk again after the loss of a limb, is an amazing feeling. My lifestyle as figure competitor and fitness model motivate my accounts (doctors’ offices) and patients to want to be healthier for a better and healthier life. My goal is to motivate as many people as possible with nutrition and an active lifestyle. The love and support of my family and friends in all the interests I have in my life is a true blessing and very inspirational. At times, they are what keep me going and aspiring for more success in life.
  • What advice would you give to beginners?:Always “KNOW YOUR GOAL”. Competing and fitness is a “lifestyle”. If you like it, then you will have fun with it. If you have fun with it, then you will be happy with the lifestyle change. There will be ups and downs as a competitor, and you will find out a lot about yourself (what you like, what you don’t like) and make changes for the better with your health and fitness goals. Work hard, stay focused and positive in the gym and in your work and family life – and you will find true, genuine happiness and life fulfillment.

Competition History

  • 2006 John Sherman - Houston TX: 2nd & Qualified for Nationals
  • 2007 New York Metropolitan: 1st & Overall
  • 2007 NPC Team Universe: 16th
  • 2008 NPC Jr Nationals: 15th
  • 2008 NPC Team Universe: 4th
  • 2008 NPC Nationals: 3rd
  • 2009 NPC Jr Nationals: 2nd
  • 2009 NPC Nationals: 9th
  • 2010 Junior USA’s - Houston, TX: 1st & Overall
  • 2011- Europa Pro: 17th
  • Training

    • Monday:


    • Tuesday:


    • Wednesday:


    • Thursday:

      ARMS - BI's & TRI's

    • Friday:


    • Important Notes:

      Off-Season: Every body part is exercised by with 4 different exercises, 4 sets of each, 15 reps per set, and at the end of my workout I do 20-45 minutes of cardio
      Also I train abs every day by doing 300 Sit ups. I also use the stability ball, and perform ab bench & straight leg lifts exercises.

    • Competition: Morning cardio at 5am for 45 minutes plus 100 back extensions at the end of cardio workout. Evening workout: Monday – Legs, Tuesday – shoulders, Wednesday – Back, Thursday – Bi/Tri’s and Friday – Legs
      *Every body part is exercised using 4 different exercises, 4 sets of each, 15 reps per set and going up on weight for each set. Plus another 45 minutes of cardio after workout plus 100 lunges.

    Soleivi’s Diet at a Glance

    • Meal 1:

      5-7 egg whites and a bowl of oatmeal

    • Meal 2:

      A bowl of mixed fruit or a banana/apple

    • Meal 3:

      Grilled chicken breast with brown rice or sweet potatoes

    • Meal 4:

      Lean Body® for Her Chocolate Shake

    • Meal 5:

      Ground turkey or fish with steamed veggies

    • Notes:

      Eat meals every 3 hours, along with 1 ½ gallons of water each day.
      Daily supplements used include: Lean Body for Her® Meal Replacement Shake, Lean Body® for Her Fat Burner, BCAA-Power™, GlutaLean®, EFA Lean®, B-6, B-12, Women’s MultiVitamins, Fish Oil Tablets, Vitamin C.

    Soleivi’s Favorite Labrada Supplements

    for HER

    Hi-Protein Nutrition Shake

    for HER

    Hi-Energy Fat Burner

    EFA LEAN Gold Softgel Caps

    Essential Fatty Acid Blend

    100% BCAAs


    100% Glutamine


    Muscle Growth Stimulator

    Soleivi’s Blog

    Stay Fit and Focused: “Making Time” for Your Health and Fitness Goals

    2013-02-17 00:17:06

    Stay Fit and Focused
    “Making Time” for Your Health and Fitness Goals
    by Soleivi Hernandez

    I have a sales career in the medical field that is very demanding and sometimes my job requires I work long hours. Therefore, every morning I leave my house with several...



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