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  • Birth Place: Normangee, Tx
  • Birth Date: March 15, 1982
  • Height: 5’10”
  • Contest Weight: 134
  • Current Residence: Houston, Tx
  • Occupation: Social Media Account Executive & Mom

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Kelsey’s Bio

  • Favorite Body part(s) to train: GLUTES! They need the most work, so I love training them.
  • Favorite Exercise(s): Squats and deadlifts
  • Favorite Cheat food(s): Sushi and crunchy peanut butter - LOL but, not together though!
  • Favorite TV show(s): Storage Wars and River Monsters
  • Favorite Movies: Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, Wanted, Thomas Crown Affair
  • Favorite Actor(s) or Actress(s): Angelina Jolie, Clive Owen, Reese Witherspoon
  • Favorite Musician(s): George Strait, Jayz, Gary Allen, Blake Shelton
  • Favorite Sport(s)- Excluding Bodybuilding: Fishing, Golfing
  • Favorite Sports Team: Houston Texans
  • Favorite Music to train to: Hip Hop, Rap, Classic Rock
  • Hobbies: Reading, fishing, working out, clean eating, scrap booking, snapping photos, hanging out with friends and family
  • Pets: Three dogs and two cats (my babies). I would have 100 pets if my husband would let me!
  • When did you start training?: I played sports in high school but really started lifting weights in 2007. I saw a picture of Jamie Eason on a friend’s Myspace page. I loved her physique and became curious as to what it would take to achieve those results. I emailed her and she recommended me to a nutritionist in Houston- Kim Porterfield with the Institute of Eating Management. Following a clean meal plan and lifting weights were the perfect combination to achieve the lean results I desired.
  • What is your Motivation to compete, stay in shape?: My goal is to keep challenging myself and continue to see my body transform. I enjoy mixing up my workouts to see new results. I enjoy competing because it is months of hard work, competing against yourself. It requires a lot of discipline and it is unlike any sport I’ve competed in before. In the gym, it is YOU versus YOU. After 12 weeks or more of training, you get on stage and show off your hard work. I keep my motivation level high by continuously setting goals for myself like competition and photo shoots. It keeps me focused.
  • What goals do you have outside of bodybuilding?: I am earning my Master’s degree in Business Administration. It is a personal goal I’ve had for myself for a long time. I got tired of thinking about it and decided to do it! I would also like to earn my IFBB PRO card in bikini.
  • What advice would you give to beginners?: Make weekly goals for yourself in order to stay focused, try not to get overwhelmed with the long term goals. Small changes lead to big results. Take small steps and ease into a consistent workout/clean eating program so you don’t get burnt out. I would suggest hiring a nutritionist.
    That is the best thing I’ve ever done for my body. Your portions make a big difference. Just remember: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

Competition History

  • 2010 NPC Texas- Houston TX: 3rd place
  • 2011 NPC Texas- Houston TX: 15th place
  • 2012: Here I come!!!
  • Training

    • Monday:


    • Tuesday:

      SHOULDERS, ABS, CARDIO (40 Minutes)

    • Wednesday:


    • Thursday:

      CHEST, TRICEPS, CARDIO (40 Minutes)

    • Friday:

      BACK, BICEPS, CARDIO (40 Minutes)

    • Important Notes:

      Competition: Cardio four days a week; weights at night only; active five days versus four in the off season.
      Day 1: 50 min of AM cardio on empty stomach; Legs and glutes in the evening
      Day 2: 50 min of AM cardio on empty stomach; Shoulders and abs in the evening
      Day 3: 50-60 min of AM cardio on empty stomach
      Day 4: 50 min of AM cardio on an empty stomach; Chest and Triceps in evening
      Day 5: Rest

    Kelsey’s Diet at a Glance

    • Meal 1:

      Egg Whites & Oatmeal

    • Snack:

      Lean Body® for Her MRP Shake

    • Meal 2:

      Extra lean ground turkey and brown rice mixed together; add salsa. Steamed Green Beans.

    • Meal 3:

      Grilled Chicken, Sweet Potato, Steamed Veggies

    • Meal 4:

      Baked Tilapia, Brown Rice and Steamed Veggies

    • Meal 5:

      Scrambled Egg Whites and ½ Cucumber with Spicy Mustard

    • Snack:

      Lean Body® for Her MRP Shake

    • Daily Supplements:

      I love Lean Body for Her shakes as a meal replacement! Also, Power Carb and BCAA Power are wonderful for post workout shakes! I take a multi-vitamin and fish oil daily.

    Kelsey’s Favorite Labrada Supplements

    LEAN BODY® For Her

    Hi-Protein Nutrition Shake

    100% BCAAs

    EFA LEAN Gold Softgel Caps

    Essential Fatty Acid Blend

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