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13th December 2014 | Issue #232
We should all enjoy the holidays but don't over indulge to the point you regret it in the New Year. This week , best selling fitness author Hugo Rivera shares some tips for enjoying yourself without adding inches to your waistline.

Need a Step by Step Meal Plan ?
Then check out Daniel Gwartney, M.D's detailed meal and supplement plan here.
Conquer These 5 Obstacles!
Can't seem to get that elusive lean mid-section? Then you need to ensure you're not making these mistakes. 

Is Alkaline Water Better than Normal Water?
Lee shares his thoughts on "alkaline" water and whether it holds any superior properties to normal water.
Staying Lean While Gaining Mass!
Lee explains which macro-nutrient is optimal for mass gains without additional fat gain.

Quinoa Blueberry Banana Breakfast Muffins..
"HELP! I cooked too much quinoa and I hate throwing it away." Quinoa breakfast muffins are one of my favorite go-to recipes to incorporate leftover quinoa. Very easy to customize for diabetics and just really, really good.


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