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12 July 2014 | Issue #210
Hey Good Looking! ....
Stop focussing on the negative when you look in the mirror - discover how to always see the positive!

The Power Of Self Affirmation.
Lee reflects on the amazing power of self-affirmation and how it can effect your mindset.
Want a 150% Intensity Increase?
Check out DJim Vaglica tips for increasing your workout intensity overnight!

Pre-Workouts & How To Take Them!
Today Lee looks at whether taking a pre-workout with food is a good or bad idea. You'll be surprised.
Do You Need A Mentor?
Today Lee looks at the pros and cons of having a mentor assist you with your progress.

Stuffed Plantain With Tex-Mex Chili
Fancy an occasional solid meal post workout, this is perfect and tastes amazing!

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