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Lean Body Coaching Newsletter | Issue #91

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Dr Hennessey

In this weeks Lean Body Coaching newsletter, we'll be looking at a myriad of diet pitfalls that could be sabotaging your fat loss goals, and what you need to know to avoid them.

Successful dieting is all about making smart, educated food choices, and consistently implementing a well structured diet program, the result -  a healthier , leaner you.  

If you're finding your fat loss progress is sluggish and inconsistent, you've probably fallen foul of one of the many common diet pitfalls..

Guest author Dr. Jennifer Hennessey, gives practical advice you can follow to ensure your physique goals are not taking one step forward and two steps back.  

Until next time, Stay healthy and strong. Get lean, live lean!

Yours for a Lean Body,


Lee Labrada,

Your Lean Body Coach