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Top Ten Exercises You Can Do At Home

Ever found yourself in a pinch for time and wanting to get an effective workout in at home or anywhere outside of a gym? Bodyweight exercises are the core of […]

Ten Things You Can Do To Make This Your Best New Year

As we start this year I want you to know that the road to achieving your goals will most likely not be a problem free one. However, you need to […]

3 Simple Tips to Help You Lose Stubborn Body-Fat

You’ve done it; you finally got down to your target body weight and fit into that old college dress you’ve always loved. But something is still not right. You can’t […]

5 Must-Do Exercises To Add To Your Workout

If you’re looking to break the monotony of doing the exact same four to five exercises every time you pump some iron then you’ve come to the right place. This […]

Burn Fat & Tone Muscle with Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters are some of the most elite athletes in terms of conditioning, strength, explosiveness and agility because of the sports requisite demand for […]

Woman to Woman: Gym Etiquette

Raise your hand if you’ve every been personally victimized by your fellow fit chick? Cold shoulder? Pretentious attitude? Side eyes? That uncomfortable feeling around each other? Yes, I know; I’ve […]

9 Reasons Why Exercise is the Best Anti-Aging Secret

You probably don’t need a scientific study to tell you that regular exercise is good for you. But I want to talk about the greatly feared process of aging. Even […]

Sprinting for Greater Gains!

Sprinting and muscle hypertrophy. What’s the deal? If you are in the market for building muscle, you are not likely to be seen sprinting up and down  the track. That […]

Don’t Let Vacation Kill Your Workout

“Where are you going?” my mother-in-law asks as my husband and I begin to silently slip on our tennis shoes. It’s a little past 2 PM in Greece and, according […]


We often hear about the physical benefits of exercise. But did you know that exercise is also good for your brain? The American Heart Association denotes exercise as one of […]