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S’mores Cheesecake Protein Cupcakes

S’mores Cheesecake Protein Cupcakes You might not be by a campfire (yet) but that doesn‘t mean you can’t have s’mores! These S’mores Protein Cupcakes are absolutely delicious, low carbs, and […]

Healthier Mini Deep Dish Pizzas

Healthier Mini Deep Dish Pizzas You don’t get much better than Chicago Deep Dish. Today we’re putting Chicago on a diet with these healthier Mini Deep Dish Pizza. They’re absolutely […]

Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Parmesan

EASY SLOW COOKER CHICKEN PARMESAN The slow-cooker is such a time-saving device. Simply prep the dish, and walk away to run errands. Here is one of my most favorite slow-cooker […]

1-Minute Peanut Butter Protein Cookies

1-Minute Peanut Butter Protein Cookies Do you ever crave peanut butter? Have you ever had a craving for cookies? Why not combine both? This recipe can be made in 1 […]

Cocoa Cashew Cottage Cheese

Cocoa Cashew Cottage Cheese Craving dessert but can’t afford the carbs? Try this Cocoa Cashew Cottage Cheese recipe. It is completely packed with slow-digesting protein. This makes it a great […]

Low Carb Slow Cooker Pizza Chicken

Low Carb Slow Cooker Pizza Chicken It’s time we introduce your slow cooker to pizza! This pizza is of course gonna be delicious, but also great for meal prep. It’s […]

Low Carb Tuna Tabbouleh

Are you ready for a quick, low carb, and keto friendly recipe? If so, try this Keto Tuna Tabbouleh! Packed with healthy fats, only 6g of net carbs, and a […]

Full-Flavored Keto Breakfast Burger – Fast!

Today is the day! It is now acceptable to eat a burger for breakfast! This Breakfast Burger packs a ton of flavor and protein all while having only 1 GRAM […]

Quick Healthy Green Juice

Nothing says healthy like a proper green drink. Today we’re gonna make healthy taste good with this green juice that’s packed with nutrients and fiber all with less than 10 […]

Low Carb Strawberry Kiwi Smoothie

Low carbing it? Starting keto? Here’s a low-carb smoothie recipe that has less than 200 calories per serving and is more than filling. This low-carb smoothie is loaded with nutrients, […]

Peanut Butter Cup Milkshake

If I were to tell you that you could make a peanut butter cup milkshake with less than 5 grams of net carbs, would you believe me? Well you no […]

Low Carb Keto Cheesecake Cupcakes

Cupcakes with less than 5 grams of net carbs and sugar are now a thing! These cheesecake cupcakes are super easy to make, filling, and of course… absolutely delicious! Seriously, […]

Simple Chicken & Grilled Vegetables

It’s hard to beat some good old chicken breast tenders and grilled vegetables when it comes to fulfilling your protein and micronutrient needs. This simple recipe makes a great meal […]

Low Carb Breakfast Bacon Muffins

Start your morning off with these delicious LOW CARB and keto friendly Breakfast Bacon Muffins! They’re easy to make, packed with protein, and more than travel friendly since they taste […]

Low Carb Keto Pancakes

Start your diet day off right with some low carb, keto-friendly, and absolutely delicious pancakes! INGREDIENTS • 2 Large Eggs • 4 Ounces (120g) Reduced Fat Cream Cheese • 1 […]