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How Much Protein Do You Need for Muscle Growth?

How Much Protein Do You Need for Muscle Growth? Protein is hands-down the most researched macronutrient when muscle growth is the topic of interest. Most gym-goers and bodybuilders assume the […]

How to Build Muscle Without Breaking the Bank

Bulking on a Budget: How to Build Muscle Without Breaking the Bank Eating healthy has become a rather expensive investment in the past few years, especially when you want to […]

7 Things You Can Do to Stick to Your Fitness Goals

  7 Things you Can Do to Stick to Your Fitness Goals   If you’ve been hitting the gym strong at the beginning of the year, and refuse to be […]

Optimal Nutrition On-The-Go

On-The-Go Nutrition In today’s fast-paced world, we barely have the time to breathe most days, much less prepare a healthy meal while on-the-go. That being said, there’s no excuse to […]

Protein 101 – What Kind, When, & Why

With the convenience and high nutrient content (not to mention delicious taste) of supplemental proteins making them a go-to muscle-builder for many, it’ s no surprise that hoards of aspiring […]

Avoid These 5 Fitness Mistakes

Do you find yourself in the predicament of consistently hitting the gym? Are you eating healthy but still not seeing the results you want? The factors that may be hindering […]

5 Secret Benefits Of Caffeine

Caffein is assumed by many to be a dangerous, addictive stimulant. It is often consumed in its most ubiquitous form, coffee. Caffein has proven to be anything but harmful for […]

The Hardgainer’s Guide to Building Muscle

Ectomorphs (also referred to as “hardgainers”) are generally skinny, fairly lean, highly insulin sensitive and have a hard time gaining muscle (or any weight at all). If you find yourself […]

5 Reasons You Should Use A Greens Supplement

When it comes to supplementing for improved performance and muscle gains, superstar sups such as whey, aminos, creatine, multis and pre-workout formulas tend to take center stage. With proven efficacy […]

Top 10 Foods for Building Muscle

There is nothing more aggravating than when you work your tail off in the gym and seemingly can’t build any muscle. But It’s not good enough to simply train hard […]

10 Training Tips for Massive Muscle Gains

We all want to know what the secrets are to building massive muscle mass. Many of us are lead into thinking that the secret comes in the form of a […]

The Unified Theory of Nutrition

When people hear the term Unified Theory, some times called the Grand Unified Theory, or even “Theory of Everything,” they probably think of it in terms of physics, where a […]

The Most Simple Weight Loss Tips No One Follows

I have a Cheez-It problem. You’re not listening, I really have a Cheez-It problem! I have never met a Cheez-It I didn’t like.* Some people can’t resist chocolate or ice […]

Testosterone Deficiency and Treatment – the FACTS

Testosterone deficiency and treatment is a very misunderstood and controversial topic among scientists, regulatory agencies (such as the FDA and EMA) and doctors, as well as the popular media. On […]


1. Avoid the dirty bulk at all cost! If you’ve read any of my articles pertaining to nutrition in the past, you will know I am a huge proponent of […]