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Protein 101 – What Kind, When, & Why

With the convenience and high nutrient content (not to mention delicious taste) of supplemental proteins making them a go-to muscle-builder for many, it’ s no surprise that hoards of aspiring […]

5 Secret Benefits Of Caffeine

Caffein is assumed by many to be a dangerous, addictive stimulant. It is often consumed in its most ubiquitous form, coffee. Caffein has proven to be anything but harmful for […]

5 Reasons You Should Use A Greens Supplement

When it comes to supplementing for improved performance and muscle gains, superstar sups such as whey, aminos, creatine, multis and pre-workout formulas tend to take center stage. With proven efficacy […]

Six Reasons to Supplement Pre-Contest

Finding newer and more effective ways to build muscle is something I’ve been forced to do over recent years. Nearing my 40s, and as a lifelong natural bodybuilder, my muscle-building […]


It seems that new iron slingers and experienced lifters alike are forever looking for the magic formula that will instantly push their bodybuilding progress to new heights. Such lifters devour […]


Those who have achieved a great physique know how difficult it can be to obtain it. While those who have tried and failed to do so can also add a […]

14 Vitamins Every Body Builder Needs

Your main bodybuilding mission is a simple one: train smart and build muscle. You do all that you believe to be necessary to ensure lean muscle gains continue on an […]