Turkey Meatballs & Wilted Spinach

This is an easy to make and affordable skillet meal with 3 simple ingredients. And it is low-carb for those who are trying to keep their carbs low. If you [...]


A while ago, the Gallup organization conducted one of their most extensive … and I might add … one of their most important surveys ever. They wanted to check on [...]

Build Fantastic Forearms to Match Those Great Guns

If there’s one muscle group that everyone wants to build up to impressive dimensions, it’s arms. As much as most trainees focus on the size of their upper arms, however, [...]

High Protein Antioxidant Powerhouse Deep, Dark Hot Chocolate

CHOCOLATE!! Never has there been a food that means so much to so many. Chocolate is revered by people across the world for good reason. It’s botanical name, Theobroma cacao, [...]

5 Tips To Increase Your Training Longevity

It is often said that bodybuilding is a marathon and not a sprint. After you have been in the game for awhile you know that is the full truth. I [...]

Why Insulin Resistance Diabetes Can Affect Fat Loss and How to Fix It

If you are having trouble losing weight, then you may have insulin resistance diabetes or IR. This is a form of diabetes where the body fails to respond to the [...]

Increase Your Intensity to 150% with the One and a Half Rep Training Technique

Once you’re past the beginner stage of your resistance training life you’re bound to hit some plateaus. This is a good place to add some intensity techniques like super sets, [...]

1 Trick To Regaining Your Lost Training Motivation!

How familiar are you with this scenario? You hit the snooze on your alarm once, maybe twice, and finally get up so you can get to the gym before work. [...]

Prehabilitative Training

Prehab implies that you rehab before it is needed. Prehabilitive modalities include activities such as stretching, foam rolling, massage, therapeutic exercises, and post exercise icing. These modalities not only manage [...]

Supercharge your shoulders to lift heavier with a workout

Shoulders are one of the most common joints that prevent us from lifting heavier for any particular exercise. This is mostly due to the fact that the shoulder is the [...]

Sweet & Spicy Sticky Fingers

I remember how much I loved going to Chinese buffets and load up on all the sweet and spicy chicken, bad thing was; it wasn’t the healthiest choice. Don’t worry [...]

How To Stay In Shape Year Round While Gaining Muscle?

“What goes up must come down.”  When ‘70’s music sensation Billy Preston immortalized those words in his catchy tune,  he must have been precognizantly referring to some of the professional [...]

Proper Hydration for Optimal Bodybuilding Results

Water is the largest single component of the human body, accounting for about 50–60% of total body mass. The heart is composed of 73% while the muscles are about 79% [...]

Urgent Action Needed: FDA Trying to Drastically Limit Nutritional Supplements

Less than three generations ago, the demographics of the U.S. population were vastly different. As well, the prevalence and urgency of health conditions were also very dissimilar to those faced [...]

Sweet Potato Waffle Sandwich

Tired of baking your sweet potatoes? Try this flour-LESS sweet potato waffle sandwich. Only 3 main ingredients and you have an amazing dinner or post workout meal. Ingredients: • 4oz [...]